About Christian Heroes

This site is about notable Christians. The downloadable PDF brochures are primarily for kids. The daily stories were written for adult readers.

The brochures. Who do your kids look up to? Christian Heroes are written to provide inspirational models for young people. My commitment to you is to include in the downloads only individuals who demonstrated genuine Christian faith. For bibliographies, and puzzle answers go to the resources pages.

The daily stories. These stories are about interesting people and events associated with each day in church history. I wrote most of them for Christian History Institute in 2012 and they can still be read there in similar form.

Hi. My name is Dan Graves. Formerly a librarian, I have been researching Christian history and biography most of my adult life and have authored several books, including Scientists of Faith. My views are evangelical Protestant. Although I respect many Christians from other backgrounds, my main focus will be to provide the stories of evangelicals. If you find an error, email me through the contact page.