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The Archbishop Who Killed a Man and Other Anecdotes from Christian History, by Dan Graves

Cover of Anecdotes bookLaugh, weep, glow in the light of church history.

In The Archbishop Who Killed a Man, you will find some of the funniest, most moving, and inspirational excerpts from the pages of church history and biography. Where would the devil go to get a new tail? Why would a Dad drive his beloved and obedient daughter out of his house? What drove a pastor to play with a shuttlecock in his pulpit?

This is a collection for bedtime, for the pulpit, or for that hard to please friend or mate.

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The Earth Will Reel from its Place; Scientific Confirmation for Biblical Prophecies of Geological Upheaval, by Dan Graves.

Cover of Earth will ReelWould you like to confirm prophecies before they happen? Is that even possible? Maybe not, but now you can estimate the likelihood of the Bible’s geological and end-of-the-age predictions.

The Earth Will Reel from Its Place examines the scriptures’ scattered geological prophecies in light of the findings of modern science and shows how relevant they read like science headlines.

A must read. Order The Earth Will Reel from its Place today.

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Doctors Who Followed Christ, by Dan Graves

Cover of DoctorsDoes your health matter to you? The health of mankind mattered to these notable Christian doctors, who helped to develop and extend the western tradition of medicine. 36 chapters.

Learn why Fotheringill only viewed his prized gardens by lamplight at night; what Simpson considered his greatest discovery (hint: it wasn’t chloroform); how a letter from China without an address reached an eminent European doctor; how a girl’s modesty led to the invention of the stethoscope.

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Scientists of Faith, by Dan Graves.

Cover of Scientists of FaithIf anyone tells you science and the Christian faith are at odds, don’t believe them.

Christianity birthed and nurtured the scientific method. The 48 stories of historic scientists in Scientists of Faith show just how much science owes Christian thinkers. Who first described the scientific method? What scientist wrote the first scientific paper in the modern form? What government work did Michael Faraday refuse for conscience sake? What physical state was Euler in when he solved a daunting three-body problem?

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Books Co-Authored with Ken Curtis

Great Women in Christian History, by Ken Curtis and Dan Graves.

Cover of Great WomenChristian history abounds with women who had a tremendous influence on the spread of Christianity and on the entire tone of civilization.

We tell the stories of just 37 remarkable women—women who have served God’s kingdom as missionaries, martyrs, educators, charitable workers, wives, mother and instruments of justice.

A great gift for wives, sisters, daughters, teachers, pastors, and anyone who admires indomitable women.

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This Day in Christian History, by Ken Curtis and Dan Graves.

Cover of This Day366 full stories and hundreds of short daily notices from Christian history. Lavishly illustrated.

Great for daily reading, or to display on an end table where your guests can thumb through it.

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Books Designed, Edited & Laid Out by Dan

Oneness, God’s Primary Principle, by Gene Graves.

Cover of OnenessAnyone who longs for spiritual reality will find this book profitable. The author shows that oneness is a “dimension” of everything in heaven and on earth. Broken, the ensuing effects were disastrous, but it will be restored.

Design and edits by Dan Graves.

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Maxims of Faith from the Writings of the Devout, by Gene Graves.

Cover of Maxims“It is the timidity and delicacy with which men attempt God’s work that often accounts for their failure.” —Samuel Logan Brengle

We can all benefit from a jolt to our thinking now and then. Gene Graves has selected and introduced some of the most profound sayings of 38 Christian giants—quotations like that of Brengle above.

Design and edits by Dan Graves.

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